I Love to Share (Amharic Language Children's Picture Book)

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    • Amharic Language Bedtime Story
    • Perfect for kids (and adults), practicing their Amharic language skills
    • Large print and colourful illustrations for better reading experience
    • Ideal for reading to preschoolers at bedtime or as a self read for older children
    • Available in paperback and hardcover formats
    • Age Range: 3 - 9 years
    • 34 pages
    • Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inches


    Jimmy and his bunny brothers love to play, and today is Jimmy’s birthday, so he has lots of toys. However, he doesn’t always want to share, and because of that, he may miss out on having fun. Let’s find out what it means to share, and why it makes us feel better!

    This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and enjoyable for the whole family as well!

    ጂሚ እና ጥንቸል ወንድሞቹ መጫወት ይወዳሉ፣ እና ዛሬ የጃሚ ልደት ነው፣ ስለሆነም ብዙ መጫወቻዎች አሉት፡፡ ሆኖም፣ ሁል ጊዜ ማካፈል አይፈልግም፣ እና በዚህ ምክንያት፣ መዝናናት ሊያጣ ይችላል፡፡ ማካፈል ምን ማለት እንደሆነ እና ለምን የተሻለ ስሜት እንዲሰማን እንደሚያደርገን እንወቅ!
    ይህ ታሪክ በመኝታ ሰዓት ለልጆቻችሁ ለማንበብ ተስማሚ እና ቤተሰብም አስደሳች ነው!