I Love to Help (Swahili Language Children's Book)

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  • Swahili Language Bedtime Story
  • Perfect for kids (and adults), practicing their Swahili language skills
  • Ideal for reading to preschoolers at bedtime or as a self read for older children
  • Large print and colourful illustrations for better reading experience
  • Available in paperback and hardcover formats
  • Age Range: 3 - 9 years
  • 32 pages
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inches


Jimmy the little bunny goes to the beach with his family. There he learns about the importance of helping others. When Jimmy's sandcastle is destroyed by the wave, they work together to build the bigger and better one. Everything works out better when we help each other.

Jimmy sungura mdogo alienda baharini na familia yake. Huko anajifunza umuhimu wa kusaidia wenzake. Wakati kasri la mchanga wa jimmy unapobomolewa na wimbi la maji, wote wanasaidiana kutengeneza kasri kubwa na nzuri kuliko lile la kwanza. Kila jambo hutokea vizuri tunaposaidiana.