eBook: The Wheels: The Friendship Race (Bilingual English Korean Children's eBook)

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One book. Two languages. 

  • eBook. Bilingual edition. Written in English and Korean. 
  • Perfect for kids (and adults) learning English or Korean as their second language 
  • Colourful illustrations for better reading experience
  • Available in .epub format (suitable for Apple devices),  .mobi format (suitable for Kindle devices) and .pdf format (suitable for all electronic devices)
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  • Age Range: 3 - 9 years


What is friendship? Join three good friends as they discover what real friendship means. They start a race, but decide to finish it together, helping a friend who got in trouble. This book will teach children positive friendship skills like sharing, supporting, and helping each other.

우정이란 무엇일까요? 세 명의 친한 친구들이 진정한 우정에 대해 알게 되는 모험에 함께해 보세요. 그들은 경주를 시작하지만, 곤경에 빠진 친구를 도와 모두가 같이 결승선에 들어오기로 결심합니다. 이 책을 통해 아이들은 공유와 협력, 서로 돕는 것 같은 긍정적인 관계 형성 기술을 습득하게 될 것입니다.