eBook: I Love to Eat Fruits and Vegetables (French Language Children's eBook)

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  • eBook. French Language Bedtime Story
  • Perfect for kids (and adults), practicing their French language skills
  • Colourful illustrations for better reading experience
  • Available in .epub format (suitable for Apple devices),  .mobi format (suitable for Kindle devices) and .pdf format (suitable for all electronic devices)
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  • Age Range: 3 - 9 years


      Jimmy likes to eat candy. He sneaks into the kitchen to try to find a bag with candies that was hidden inside the cupboard. What happens right after Jimmy climbs up to reach the bag of candy? You will find out when you read this illustrated children’s book. Since that day, he starts to develop healthy eating habits and even likes to eat his fruits and vegetables.

      Jimmy, le petit lapin, aime manger des bonbons. Il se glisse dans la cuisine pour prendre le paquet de bonbons qui est caché dans le placard. Qu’arrive-t-il après que Jimmy grimpe pour prendre le paquet de bonbon ? Vous le saurez quand vous lirez ce livre illustré pour enfants. Depuis ce jour, il a pris l’habitude de manger sainement et il aime même manger ses fruits et légumes.