Why Books Make the Best Presents

Why Books Make the Best Presents

With the holiday season fast approaching, you are probably beginning to look around for the perfect gift for the younger kids in your life. In today’s high paced world of newer (and more expensive) technology, it can be really difficult to find the right gift. However, I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t be looking for something new and flashy, but rather for something tried and true: BOOKS!

children's books as holiday present

Oh, my goodness, there are just so many reasons to give the gift of books during the holidays, and believe me, even if a kid is hooked on tech, they will still love a good book. Not convinced? Well, read on to learn all of the different benefits that books provide young children.


Family Connection

Nothing can bring a family together like a good book. Children already love to be close with their family, making reading another perfect excuse to spend time together. Not only that but spending this time together can help families to connect with past generations.


If you have a book from your childhood that your family read to you, you can now share that with your own children, helping to connect them to your past, making the reading more meaningful and your bond with your children stronger.

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Why would you want to give your child or any child for that matter more of the same? They already are up to their ears in technology, which, unfortunately, is a necessary evil in today’s society. However, if you want to help your child to unplug from tech, there is no more engaging way to do it than with a really good book.



If you were to go to any school nowadays, especially in the younger grades, and ask the teachers something that children sorely lack in, it would be imagination. Due to the plugged-in nature of our society, children today can usually only operate within the confines of something that they have watched or played as a video game. This limits their creativity and leads to struggles socially as well.

Books, on the other hand, can help a child to develop their imagination so that they have a better grasp of abstract subjects. Imaginative play is also a huge part of a young child’s development, as this is how they work to develop proper interpersonal skills. A child who is plugged in all the time will have a much more difficult time developing these skills in comparison to a child who reads or has had tons of books read to them.

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Language Skills

Perhaps the most important thing that books can help young children to do is to develop their language skills. If you choose to give books as gifts, you are actually giving a child some of the first building blocks that they will need to become literate themselves. By listening to stories, a young child can start to learn their letter sounds and some words, which are essential pre-reading skills.


Of course, getting kids to love books is even more important than having them reading them. It doesn’t matter how young a child is, even an eight-month-old will love to listen to books. The earlier you can hook a child onto reading, the better it will be for them in the long run.

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A Gift that Keeps on Giving

As you can see, books are essential gifts for young children. I truly hope that you’ll take my advice and give the gift of literacy this holiday season. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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