The best presents for your kids on holidays!

Why books are the best presents for your kids on holidays?


Today, our kids are beyond overloaded with technology. Research has shown that this technology overload has a number of noticeable negative impacts on the upcoming generation and on families as a whole. Research suggests that the overload in technology has decreased spelling skills, literacy skills, and communication skills. There has also been a noticeable difference in the ability to communicate between the generations and keep traditions.

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Books allow for uninterrupted time that families need in order to strengthen their bonds together and to develop memories. When you read books together as a family, this is not just time spent together, but it is allowing for the lines of communication to become more open between the parents and children. In addition to becoming more comfortable with face-to-face conversation, reading books also opens up both the parents and the children to use their imaginations. Using our imaginations brings us more in touch with our emotions and opens up the possibilities to dream big. And while using our imaginations allows us to dream big, it could also potentially allow for each family member to develop outgoing personalities.

With the holidays right around the corner, what better gift than providing your children with the gift of imagination, family time, and love surrounding books. Yes, society may push for all of those new and fancy technological gadgets, but with books, you have a potential of providing so much more to your entire family.

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Books open up so much to children and families. At KidKiddos Books we look forward to opening a whole new journey to you and your children and making memories for years to come.

Think on this for a moment. You order your child a book and present it to him or her for the upcoming holidays. They open it and you and your family proceed to gather around together to enjoy a story. You ask questions and hear extraordinary answers from your children and it allows for the possibility to develop further conversation. Just from reading a story to your child or children, it allows them to open up about their experiences or their dreams. They may open up about their frustrations and their emotions. Or perhaps because of this book, it leads your family onto another adventure. Maybe you create a piece of art to hang in your home that inspired you because of a book or perhaps you decide to visit a location that a book talked about.

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KidKiddos Books offers just what your family needs, providing books that the entire family can enjoy. Books created in a child’s native language also helps to display their culture and family traditions that they might not be able to picture, but this is all made possible with the help of books. Open the doors to another world where you and your child can dive into another time and place with other people.

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