7 Must-Have Ukrainian Bilingual Children's Books

For families who speak more than one language, finding books in these two languages can make reading even more enriching and enjoyable. If you're a Ukrainian-speaking family looking to reinforce your heritage and keep practicing you native language or if you’re a parent who just wants to introduce your child to a new language, these bilingual English Ukrainian book promise enjoyable experience for young readers.

1. Under the Stars, by Sam Sagolski

It’s the summer holidays, and Mark is looking forward to having a big adventure!
But when his Mom and Dad announce that the family is going on a camping trip he becomes scared.
Will Mark overcome his fear of the dark and be able to enjoy the trip?

2. Sunita at the Zoo, by Maggie Paun

Sunita and her class are going to the zoo. They are all very excited as climb onto the school bus They'll see elephants and sea lions, goats and penguins, monkeys and parrots and many more. They can even have a ride on a camel if they wish. What could go wrong on this wonderful day?

3. Amanda's Dream, by Shelley Admont

In this children's book, you will meet Amanda, a young girl who has a lot to learn about hard work and how to make her dreams a reality. Join Amanda on her wonderful journey, and learn with her how to find your goal and make it come true. You will watch her face challenges but never give up along her path to achieving her goal. "Amanda's Dream" is a motivational book for children and their parents. This is the first book in a collection of short motivational stories that can help your children develop the skills and principles to achieve a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

4. Rafa's First Day, by David Mills

Rafa loved to talk. Chatter chatter chatter, all day long.
He talked and talked about starting school: it wasn't long now.
When the day came, he was very excited and chatted away as he was getting ready.
The chatter didn't stop as he was walking to school.
But when he arrived, Rafa stopped talking.

He wasn't unhappy.
He liked his new friends, he loved building things and writing, but he just couldn't speak.
Find out what finally makes Rafa talk.

5. I Love Winter, by Shelley Admont

Winter is a fun and beautiful season to play in the snow, but Jimmy the little bunny was not prepared for the cold weather. Once he learns how to keep himself warm, he can finally enjoy spending time outside with his family.

6. Who Are We?, by Anneke Forzani

This book promotes acceptance and inclusion by helping children understand and appreciate the diversity in our community.

7. The traveling Caterpillar, by Rayne Coshav

This story is about a caterpillar who accidentally went on an adventure, traveling far away from her home in the forest. She had an exciting experience, trying new foods and exploring new places. But at the end, she was the most happy to come back home to her family.


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