How to encourage healthy eating in kids


Our world has quickly become fast-paced and our food choices have significantly been on the decline over the years.  Many are so busy that they grab something quick and that is typically lacking the nutrients that are needed to allow the human body to function properly day to day.  With all of the negative influences out there in the world, there has to be a family oriented way to encourage positive food choices while having fun.  There is not a better way to encourage healthy eating and quality family time than through reading!  We would love the opportunity to share the joy of reading and healthy eating with you and your family. 


Healthy eating habits are so important.  Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day helps to support a healthy immune system that allows for our bodies to naturally fight off different viruses and bacteria that will inevitably come our way.  In addition to aiding our immune system’s natural defense system, eating healthy foods gives us the balance of natural energy and relaxation necessary for our bodies to function properly on a day to day basis. Each day our bodies need the proper nutrients to allow for the energy needed throughout our day.  There are also other nutrients needed that help in aiding our bodies to be more relaxed to encourage sleep at night for the replenishing of our bodies. All of the available healthy food choices are both nutritious and delicious!


Do you have picky eaters in your home?  Why not try some new tricks to encourage healthy eating in your home?  Try making a meal together.  By taking time to cook together it allows for conversation and quality time to come naturally, as well as, the opportunity to try new foods.  Have your child pick out a recipe that is healthy and appealing to them and make it a date.

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So, maybe you don’t have a little chef on your hands and your little one shows absolutely no interest in cooking a delicious meal with you.  There are still other tricks you can try to encourage healthy foods in your child’s daily diet.  Sneak tiny bits of minced up spinach in a fruit smoothie or in your next macaroni and cheese dish.  Instead of the typical fried fries with your next meal, maybe bake some sweet potato fries.   Does your child love mashed potatoes?  You could tray a delicious alternative and make mashed cauliflower in its place.

And here are some recipes for healthy breakfast and lunch that both kids and adults will enjoy. 

We believe in family time and healthy eating so much, that a book was designed specifically to gently encourage healthy eating habits in a way that your child understands. “I Love to Eat Fruits and Vegetables” is here to help boost your little ones in their healthy eating habits. While making your next meal, join Jimmy as he shares about eating different fruits and vegetables and the encouragement offered up to you and your family to do the same.

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You can find more tips in this short video:

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