Choosing to have family meals together opens up the door to communication


Family mealtimes are essential, and yet, their impact is highly underestimated in this day and age. Today, there is always something that is fighting for our attention. Technology has become the main focus for many families and it has driven a huge wedge between true quality time with one another.  In addition to all the latest tech gadgets, there is the pressure to keep up with all the hustle and bustle of others.  Families rarely have quality, uninterrupted time together because parents are working and then kids are at school and then off to whatever extracurricular activities they may be in.  All of this busyness does not leave much time to sit and have deep conversation with each other.  All this busyness does not leave much opportunity to truly experience life in that very moment.  Simply put, there is just something meaningful and special that comes out of family centered meals that is best understood when you and your family have experienced it for yourselves.

family dinners with kids

Choosing to have family meals together opens up the door to communication.  This time allows for families to spend much needed intentional time together.  Gathering friends and loved ones around a meal has been a tradition for centuries and should certainly be considered as a tradition in each of our homes.  Mealtime allows for us to give uninterrupted attention to the ones we love.  When we make it a point to enjoy these mealtimes without distractions (such as phones, television, or other media devices) we are more attentive to the ones surrounding us.  We become more aware of our loved ones’ body language, their eye contact, and even the tone in their voices.  And when we recognize these things amongst one another, it allows for the entire family to feel like what they feel is valid and that what they are going through is important.  Mealtimes can create the basic foundation for trust in communicating.

family eating together with kidsEnjoying these traditional family meals together not only builds trust and communication, but these meals can open up unique opportunities to have fun as a family unit.  Often times we struggle to be creative with our time as a family these days.  I mean, who needs to be creative when we have computers in our back pockets and a game at our fingertips at all times.  As much as our families may enjoy the fun that these media devices bring us, there is something amazing about time together where you are simply living in the moment.  Make up a game or suggest a game to your family that you used to play when you were younger.  Think of a new recipe that your family would just love and then create a meal together while enjoying the company of each other.  Enjoy music or the creative arts during meal time and let your family’s creativity shine!  Let mealtime come alive and bring laughter that rings from room to room of your home.  Let mealtime become a legacy of memories that your family will cherish.

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