7 bilingual Russian books you can read with your children (dual language English Russian books for kids)

Raising bilingual children is beneficial in many aspects of your kids' life. It significantly boosts cognitive functionality, preparing them for success in their education and social interactions. It also strengthens their bond with relatives that only speak Russian.

Mom and girls Russian book reading

If your child loves to read, then reading the same story in both English and Russian is a wonderful way to practice both languages. Colorful bedtime stories are even more attractive, because they are supported by visual attributes, which can help your child learn languages in a fun way.
Below is a list of 7 beautifully illustrated English Russian children’s books that you can enjoy on your bilingual journey.

1. Goodnight, My Love, by Shelley Admont

Gold Medal in 2019 Readers' Favorite annual international book award  in the Children - General category
Alex finds it hard to go to sleep, so he starts making up excuses. After reading a bedtime story, his father suggests planning a dream that he would like to see when he falls asleep. Find out where their imagination takes them as they plan his dream together.

Goodnight My love English Russian bilingual children's book

2. Being a Superhero, by Liz Shmuilov

Many children dream of becoming superheroes. In this children's book, Ron and his best friend Maya go through a fun journey to become heroes. They learn important superhero rules which help them complete their first mission. They work together and help Maya's brother, learning new things about themselves.


Russian bilingual bedtime story | Being a Superhero


An inspiring story about dreaming big, daring to be different, and being brave.

Russian English bilingual childrens book


4. The Wheels, The Friendship Race, by Inna Nusinsky

What is friendship? Join three good friends as they discover what real friendship means. They start a race, but decide to finish it together, helping a friend who got in trouble. This book will teach children positive friendship skills like sharing, supporting, and helping each other.

Russian English dual language kids book

5. I Love My Dad, by Shelley Admont

Jimmy the little bunny doesn’t start off knowing how to ride a two-wheeler bike like his big brothers. In fact, sometimes he gets teased for it. When Dad shows Jimmy how not to be afraid to try something new, that’s when the fun begins.

Russian bilingual bedtime story I Love My Dad 

6. The Biscuit Moon, by Jesus Zaton

Biscuit Moon is an allegory on migration. Believe in something badly enough and the mind can play tricks on you. A tale about Buffalo and Lion and the delicious biscuit: to fight for an illusion or co-operate for a better life.

The biscuit moon Russian children's book


7. Sweet Dreams, My Love, by Shelley Admont

It's time for bed, but Alice doesn't want to go to sleep just yet. By going through her bedtime routine, Mom calms her daughter down by reminding her of all the wonderful things they did together that evening. Written in a soft and soothing manner, this book shows the warm and loving relationship between Alice and her mom, while preparing young readers for a good night's sleep.

Russian bedtime story for girls Sweet Dreams My Love


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