Raising bilingual kids? 5 things you need to know.

Myths About Raising Bilingual Kids

One of the most common myths about raising bilingual children is that they will have trouble separating the two languages they are learning. There is a fear that the children will mix up the grammatical rules of the differing languages and that it will limit their ability to properly learn the rules of communication. However, this is false. In most cases, 96% to be exact, bilingual children are aware of the grammatical rules for both the languages they speak, thus eliminating another myth that they are easily confused speaking two or more languages.

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 Bilingual Kids and the Connection to Family and Traditions

As parents, we play an important role in laying the basic foundations for life in our kids. Raising bilingual children allows for better opportunities to share about our family traditions, race, and the differences between these languages. Raising bilingual children also provides parents with the chance to be more present in their children’s learning and their educational goals. When speaking two or more different languages in a home, it also provides a way for the family to relate and bridge any gaps.

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Better Development of Important Life Skills

Research has shown better problem-solving skills for children who are raised bilingual. Other research has suggested that learning two or more different languages help build their learning capabilities, so the different languages become especially easier to learn as they grow older. Being a bilingual child can be very helpful in a bilingual home. It allows the child to solve problems based on traditions and needs of the family. Also, the child has the opportunity be a teacher of another language to others in the family.


Why Reading to Your Kids in Two Languages is Important and Beneficial

When parents read to their bilingual kids in multiple languages, their whole world is just so much bigger. It gives them the ability to see the world as it is, full of diversity. Not only does reading to your child in multiple languages allow for them to be raised early on knowing that everyone has differences, but it also allows for a wide support network. When raising bilingual kids there are many people involved in the child’s education, including parents, siblings, grandparents, and teachers to name a few. All of these people get the chance to play an important part in your child’s life when you choose to raise them as bilingual children. Bilingual children tend to get great enjoyment out of reading and become eager to see what others think about what they have learned.

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Connection Between Bilingual Kids and Creativity

There is also great creativity in bilingual kids. Research has shown that regardless of age or gender, kids who are brought up in a bilingual home tend to be more creative. They have a better advantage over their peers in the arts, music, reading, and writing. Academic excellence is another amazing opportunity that bilingual speaking kids have. When being raised bilingual the children experience and use more brain power. In addition, bilinigual kids are growing to be needed individuals in the work-force, since the demand for bilingual people is so high.

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